Sizing and Care


We have spent years trying to make our hats the best size to fit as many types of head as possible but it is impossible to get it perfect for every single person. We like to think our hats are ‘one size fits all’ (unless otherwise stated) however everyone has a different sized head and different preferences!

Some people like their hat to be baggy and loose, some people prefer them tight fitting and snug! We try to cater for all preferences as best as we can. 

If you have a particularly small head or are looking at one for a child from approx 5 years and upwards, you just need to pull the hat a bit further down the back of your neck. If you have a particularly large head our hats should stretch nicely to fit your head (up to approx 61cm comfortably).


We advise you to look after your Big Bobble Hat, if you don’t treat it nicely, like anything it won't last! If you stretch it too much when you put it on, eventually it will lose its elasticity and become all baggy. 

The Big Bobbles are all made by hand, if you notice any of the strands are longer than the others, just snip off the excess with a sharp pair of scissors, don’t just pull the strands out as eventually your bobble will be no more!

All our hats are hand finished and will last you for years if you look after it. 

Some customers swim in their Big Bobble Hats as they keep them nice and toasty in the water, but we do recommend not getting them too wet as this can affect the elasticity of the hat and can make it baggy!


We recommend cleaning your Big Bobble Hat with care. You can either hand wash it in the sink with warm water, or in a pillow case in the washing machine on a 40 degree wash with similar colours or on its own. Dry in the airing cupboard or on the radiator. To fluff it back up again, when dry, pop it in the tumble dryer for 5 minutes!
If you have any questions about caring for your hat, please email us -