Triathlon Scotland Beanie

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Triathlon Scotland have partnered again with Big Bobble Hats for 2021 to provide a membership benefit for all our members. Over the past couple of months Triathlon Scotland have worked with Big Bobble Hats to design another Triathlon Scotland bobble hat and beanie!

As part of the partnership all Triathlon Scotland members will receive a 20% discount on all products when shopping online at Big Bobble Hats using the membership code. Triathlon Scotland Ultimate Members will receive a free Triathlon Scotland branded bobble hat with their membership.


We have spent years trying to make our hats the best size to fit as many types of head as possible but it is impossible to get it perfect for every single person. We like to think our hats are ‘one size fits all’ (unless otherwise stated) however everyone has a different sized head and different preferences.

If you have a particularly small head or are looking at one for a child from approx 5 years and upwards, you just need to pull the hat a bit further down the back of your neck. If you have a particularly large head our hats should stretch nicely to fit your head (up to approx 61cm comfortably).


This Big Bobble Hat is 100% Acrylic


4 Bobbles. This hat is perfect for the cold winter nights due to its thickness to keep you warm and cosy.