Meet The Team!

Ever wondered who the team are behind Big Bobble Hats? Well wonder no more! 

Name: Ian Hockey
Position Co-Founder
Location: Glasgow, UK
Favourite Hat: All of them but probably the UCI Rainbow Stripes!
Fun Fact: I know all the words to all the episodes of Blackadder.  I have also been known to be a part-time Wedding Singer!
Ian loves walking his dogs, training hard for silly long distance triathlons and cycling trips. He loves the mountains, Skiing and anything in the great outdoors!


Name: Tamara Hockey
Position: Co-Founder
Location: Glasgow, UK
Favourite Hat: Angry Barcode
Fun Fact: I love doing handstands and handstand push-ups 

Tamara designed the first ever BBH! She loves working on new designs and ideas for the business. Her interests include CrossFit, hiking, yoga and walking our dogs. 

Name:  Ryan Tallent
Position: Events & Operations Manager 
Location: Leeds, UK
Favourite Hat: Super Trouper 
Fun Fact: Ryan once appeared on a fashion TV show back in the 80s since then his modelling career has gone backwards.

Ryan loves meeting new people and visiting new places, He loves the gym, football, cycling, walking and …… drinking wine oh and fish finger sandwiches. 

Name: Gemma Shilling
Position: Marketing and Communications Manager
Location: Braintree, UK
Favourite Hat: Navy Cable Knit!
Fun Fact: Lived in New Zealand for 6 months and had her 1st Birthday out there!

Gemma loves yoga, baking, walking her dogs and travelling! You may also notice she loves a good stripe!

Name: Jim Longland
Position: Business Development Manager
Location: Nottingham, UK
Favourite Hat: Silver Surfer
Fun Fact: Never agree to holiday with Jim as disaster always seems to be around the corner - hire cars flipped onto the roof, tents set on fire, ash cloud flight cancellations, shoulder dislocations to name but a few...

Now even Jim has to admit the chances of playing for Stoke City have passed so now spends his free time enjoying the outdoors with his 2 kids and despite the above, going on adventure holidays! Jim loves skiing and is adamant he can still ski faster than co-founder, Ian!

Name: Simon West
Position: Event Team
Location: Banbury, UK
Favourite Hat: Pea and Carrots
Fun fact: Simon still has 2 baby teeth that haven't fallen out. He has never been seen without 2 drinks!

Simon loves hockey, skiing and going on adventures with his family Lisa, Maggie, Alastair and dog Ziva.

Name: Richard Goddard
Position: Events Team
Location: Holmfirth, UK
Favourite Hat: Rainbow Warrior
Fun Fact: Richard got the nickname Rodders from back in late 2008 while selling Audi cars he smashed the record one weekend. This time next year we will be millionaires 💰

Richard loves all things outdoors, meeting and interacting with new people, days out walking, mountain biking, Holidays in Greece and his favourite food is Italian

Name: David Riley
Position: Events Team
Location: Yorkshire, UK
Favourite Hat: IAM
Fun Fact: In a couple of months time trying to break the World record for 6hr and 12hr plus British record in one attempt for the furthest run on a treadmill 

Self Obsessed with Life and the great outdoors, lover of the mountains and endless trails. I spend most of my time running in the mountains, climbing, walking and enjoying the natural world we live in


Name: Harry Kirk
Position: Events Team
Location: Malvern, UK
Favourite hat: Smarty Party
Fun Fact: I know what is going to happen next on most Only Fools And Horses, Porridge and Rising Damp episodes 

Harry enjoys travelling, mountain biking, being outdoors, growing his own veg, selling and talking to new customers and old.

Name: Derry French
Position: Events Team
Location: Chesterfield, UK
Favourite Hat: Fiery Lagoon
Fun Fact: Derry once got mistaken for Daniel Bedingfield (Google him kids) and got into a nightclub VIP area in Nottingham. He was in there for 3 hours before someone who clearly didn’t need glasses realised and asked him to leave. 

Derry enjoys meeting new people and having a laugh and being out and about in the Peak District. He loves biking (Mountain Biking and Road) recently started swimming lessons and is hopeful to complete Triathlons without drowning (unlike 2018) also enjoys walking with the family and dog …… oh and if you see him out always has a jäger bomb in his hand!